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TCA Member Benefits
  • Downtown Promotions:
    Specific events designed to bring consumers to our downtown area. These events build familiarity with the downtown as an active area and also encourages returning traffic by the consumers. Nurtures the habit of "coming downtown" for whatever they want or need.

  • Special Advertising:
    Special advertising benefits and opportunities are available to members. The TCA provides member-inclusive advertising in local media and online as well as providing discounted advertising opportunities as they are made available.

  • Advocacy:
    We provide appropriate and aggressive advocacy efforts on behalf of our downtown businesses and building owners.

  • Networking Opportunities:
    Our business members are provided a vast array of networking opportunities through forums, membership meetings, member mixers, special events, special promotions, and through partnerships with other relevant organizations.

  • Membership Newsletter:
    Updates and important information are continuously provided to our members and to each other in print and online.

  • Member Merchant Bankcard Services:
    TCA has partnered with Home Valley Bank to provide it's business members merchant bankcard services (at only 1.9% as of 03/03).

  • Internet Services:
    Members can receive a discount benefit on website design and search engine optimization services through Dulles Media, Inc. - a leader in web design and search engine positioning. (normally a 15% discount as of 02/07).

  • FREE Entry to Chamber of Commerce Greeters Meetings:
    Through partnership with the Chamber of Commerce all paid TCA members are allowed to attend the Chamber's Wednesday morning Greeters Meetings! This is a benefit that most people must pay membership into the Chamber to receive. Greeters Meetings take place every wednesday morning from 7:45am - 9:00am at specific locations around town. To see where the next Greeters Meeting is located please see the Chambers Calendar by clicking here.

  • Internet Promotion:
    Members receive mention and promotion on the TCA website and are able to have direct web linking to their own websites.

  • Other Benefits:
    We seek out and provide additional merchant discounts, business services and benefits to our members as appropriate and as necessary. (For example, the current TCA Board is negotiating with the local Chamber of Commerce to provide some shared or cross-charter benefits to both groups. More details will be forthcoming.)
Your TCA Board strives very hard to provide you a series of benefits in which any benefit or combination of benefits more than outweighs the price of membership.

Current yearly membership dues are only $150.
[We accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal.]

Click here to download a fillable/saveable PDF TCA Membership Application or use the menus at the top. You can fill it, save it then either email it to us, or print and mail or fax it to us.

If you wish to pay your annual membership with a credit card or via PayPal by clicking the "suscribe" button below. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this feature - any major credit card will work fine.

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