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Blind Georges Newsstand, Inc. - Shopping and Retail - Candy and Sweets, Gifts and Gift Shops, Gourmet Candies and Treats, Grocery Stores and Markets, Tobacco, Smoking and Related, - Corporation - Grants Pass - Oregon - 97526

Blind Georges Newsstand, Inc. - Grants Pass
The Greatest Popcorn and Newsstand On The Planet!
Owner: Jack Smith

Contact: Jack Smith
117 SW G Street
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
  Phone: 541.476.3463

Click here to visit the Blind Georges Newsstand, Inc. website.


Blind George's was established in 1922 by George Spencer, who was born January 25, 1885 in Los Angeles, California. On July 6, 1889 George's family moved to Elgin, Oregon; and then in 1902 George's family moved to Grants Pass, Oregon. Until the age of 37 George worked many different jobs, including logging and gold mining.

At the age of 37 George was stricken with Paralysis of the optic nerve.

On April 14, 1922 George opened Blind Georges Newsstand with $40.50 in inventory stock, a month's prepaid rent, and $3.60 for change. The newsstand was located in an old wooden building at 328 SW 6th Street. George had traded two old bicycles to a carpenter to remodel the old shack into the newsstand. At that time he sold magazines, newspapers and some candy. In September the landlords Colby and Cox Shoe Repair was going to tear the old shack down; so George had a small newsstand built on the corner of 6th and G street. In 1926 a service station was going to be built on the corner and George, along with help from his friends, moved the shack to the back corner behind the new service station.

1946 George traveled to Pasadena to the Hazelhurst Foundation for a new seeing eye dog that he named Effie. Effie was one of the first seeing eye dogs in southern Oregon. Later in 1955 Effie was shot by mistake and she became crippled and ill. George bought a new dog "Pebbles" but George was not going to go back to Hazelhurst therefore he decided to train Pebbles himself. George harnessed Pebbles and Effie together and within 10 days Effie had trained Pebbles. Effie later died in 1956

During 1960 George moved across the street to the current location at 117 SW G Street --the old Hansen building which was built in 1895. George continued operating the newsstand with magazines, newspapers, candy, soda, and tobacco products. George had a "rootbeer still" in the back of the store and made his own rootbeer.

In 1968 George Spencer died in the local hospital.

George did marry in his younger years, but was later separated. Thelma Booth worked for George for almost 40 years. When George passed away he left the newsstand to Thelma and her Husband and they carried on in the traditions of George until they sold the store to their son Dale Booth. Dale operated the newsstand until 2002 when Diann Gilbertson purchased the store.

One of the previous owners, Diann Gilbertson (who sold the business to Jack) remembers when she came into the store as a very young lady and watched George Spencer make change. After watching Blind George make change from the many denominations of paper money, she asked him how he could tell the difference between a five dollar bill and a one dollar bill. He smiled and said, "Pebbles lets me know the difference." Although Blind George has been gone for 39 years, the business that he started those many years ago remains a solid and integral part of the Grants Pass business scene. Later on, popcorn in bags and tins, and in many varieties, was added to what the store sold. Eventually ice cream was added and an even bigger selection of magazines and small candies, and recently hard to find novelty candies.

Today, Blind George's has one of the finest selections of newspapers, magazines, paperbacks, tobacco products and many lines of novelty candies anywhere. It is our goal and mission to continue providing the best gourmet popcorn and the finest selection of newspapers, paperbacks, magazines and novelty candy available.

Since 1993, when the G Street historic district was formed, the tourists that meander along G Street have been drawn inside by the exciting aroma of fresh popped popcorn vented to the outside with a four inch pipe right from the popper. On a good windy day, the aroma is said to be able to reach out one half mile. Once inside, a soft drink can be had, along with many different varieties of popcorn. Every day, Jack and his staff bag up the freshly popped in real butter popcorn and ships it out all over the United States. If your feet are tired from walking the historic district, a middle room of the Hansen building is available for drinking your soda, enjoying freshly made seasonal food, or just resting your tired puppies. Jack says that the popcorn business is terrific, probably so as it is different from other popcorn in not only its freshness but that Jack pops the popcorn in real butter and uses real ingredients - no commercially made oils or fats.

Please let your friends know about this crown jewel of history in Grants Pass, Oregon and share the wonderful, tasty popcorn that you simply can't get anywhere else. Blind George's Newsstand is located at 117 SW G Street, Grants Pass, Oregon, 97526. To telephone Blind George's call 541-476-3463.

Type of business or organization: Shopping and Retail - Candy and Sweets, Gifts and Gift Shops, Gourmet Candies and Treats, Grocery Stores and Markets, Tobacco, Smoking and Related - Retailers

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